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Our Mateo: he's three years old, he's happy, he's loving, he's playful, he's a great older brother, and he argues. A lot. About everything. All the time. Passionately and relentlessly. Sometimes, about cupcakes.

It's been said that children show signs of their future profession very early on. Often, their 'gifts' are revealed modestly, but in Mateo's case, it's hard to ignore.

"Ok, Linda. Listen, listen, listen..."

"Linda, honey, just listen."

"Linda I'm done arguing with you."

One day, we hope that Mateo will have the opportunity for a higher education and become a successful lawyer. Not because that's what we want but because clearly, making a strong case for what he believes is right, is his gift. At the end of the day, if we do our job as parents, we will teach him that there are millions of causes worth fighting for in this world... in addition to cupcakes.

These t-shirts were created for Mateo's college fund. Thank you for your contribution.

Linda & Kenneth Beltran

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Mateo LOVES cupcakes!

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